Let Pho supplant your fast foodsometimes.

May 29, 2020

Hamburger, french fries, a cup of coke, 30 minutes, hurry, the meal is over. Do we ever stop for a moment and ask ourselves the taste of a hamburger? Do you remember any other flavors called homeland? Fast food might be your forever partner but sometimes, let Pho take this responsibility for a hamburger.

We live hustle and bustle in the bay. People and people in a hurry. The works pipe up. The meals also become faster and more efficient. Usually, for a hamburger, 30 minutes is enough to recharge and continue the work. Sometimes, we remember the smell of hot food. The faint smoke touches the glasses, clings to the forehead some sweat, which makes us a bit annoyed to wipe it off, but then also fluttered a bit. We gradually realize that the taste of the hot dishes, the fuzzy smoke, the aroma of a variety of vegetables, is the taste of the homeland that has not been enjoyed for a long time.

The flavor of the bowl of Pho is most remembered, proud, and loved by the overseas Vietnamese, who are far away from homeland. Pho originated from the North of Vietnam and then was escorted to Hue city of Central region, to Saigon with many variations. Each place has a different flavor, however, on mentioning Pho, people immediately picture the soul of Vietnam boldly.

Pho is signature dish of Vietnamese cuisine.

The devotion makes true Pho. Bones are simmered for hours. After a few dozen minutes, foam is removed. Cinamon, star anise, and tsaoko are roasted. Meanwhile, onions, shallots, gingers are grilled and then peeled off, sliced. Take a cloth to wrap all of the spices, tight it and dip in the boiling pot to flavor the broth but still keep it translucent. Beef is thinly sliced and then slightly soak in boisterous broth for a minute. Rice noodle is poached, added some vegetables, after that, soused the bouillon on. That bowl of steaming Pho makes us vividly remember the flavor of family gathering. It is about Mom meticulously prepared the bowls of Pho or just the vendor in the alley we always desire to drop by to eat a big bowl of Pho every morning.

Therefore, the smoky bowl of Pho on the table embodies the flavor of the homeland, the nostalgia of the country, the cultural identity of a grateful nation. That love comes from the morsel of food, the care of homemade meals for the stomach of the bloody beloved ones.

Pho also compounds a myriad of nutrients. The starch from the rice noodle soup supplies you enough energy for working time. The raw vegetables add your fiber. The bouillon brings great calcium, and the aromatic flavor from the tsaoko gives you a gentle taste and that delicate taste makes you feel appetite.

Family is eating together happily

You can bring your little family to Pho restaurant, teach your children about the Vietnam, where we always remember there is a colorful cuisine, passionate flavors blended together to create rich dishes that are hard to find in these western dishes. Gathering with Pho, talking about our range of the country is a wonderful moment of family connection that we can spend together.

So, if the hamburger is your permanent friend. It is supposed that the hamburger rescues you for quick lunch to back to conquer with your busy work, accompanies with you on lonely nights for the unaccomplished dreams in the bay, hopefully you will come to Pho with the warmest feeling, to warm up the heart somewhat, to remember our country, to connect and remind each other of love.

Therefore, today, if you feel the hamburger smells a little bit of a boring habit, please remember our Pho. Whether eating Pho alone or with your beloved ones, kindly hope you have Pho with all of your heart.

Pho Quyen INC, Vietnamese cuisine in Florida

At our Pho Quyen Cuisine restaurant, there is a wide range of Pho from beef, chicken, and also for the vegetarian. Not only serving pho, but we also promise about the ambiance and hospitality will bring you a true family meal.

Taste a bowl of authentic Vietnamese Pho with us at Pho Quyen Cuisine INC at 2740 E Fowler Ave Tampa, FL 33612.