Top must-try Vietnamese restaurant when you visit Ho Chi Minh City

January 1, 2020

As a Vietnamese living in Saigon, I love Saigon as where I was born again. Residents of this city have an unwritten rule that when talking about this land economically, it will be Ho Chi Minh City whereas, on mentioning history and culture, we will call it Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City represents the vibrant modern, Saigon represents a true cultural beauty of humanity.

 In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many restaurants with very Saigonese characteristics that you must definitely try once in your life.

  1. Mandarine restaurant

A  meticulous table set up at Mandarine restaurant

Nestled in a small alley of the bustling downtown, Mandarine Restaurant is proud to be the first traditional Vietnamese restaurant that follows the fine dining style standard with professional service in Ho Chi Minh city. Considered to be a small Hanoi in the heart of Saigon, Mandarine restaurant brings the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine from the elegant capital of Vietnam to the dynamically economic center Ho Chi Minh City. The elegant flavor of Hanoian dishes will let you know what the taste of Vietnam is. Especially, what attracts visitors is the old house that is made from pure ironwood and existed for 22 years. The interior design is carved with flower-shaped and dragon-shaped for an ancient aristocracy Vietnamese house.

Average rate per dish: 12$.

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  1. Hoa Tuc restaurant

the gorgeous classy design at Hoa Tuc restaurant

Located on the busy Hai Ba Trung street, opposite to the grandeur Park Hyatt hotel, Hoa Tuc is the restaurant which has a simple and elegant humble beauty. The Hoa Tuc restaurant consists of two separate areas indoors and outdoors, with exquisite contemporary Vietnamese design and lush greenery ambiance. The diverse Vietnamese cuisine such as coconut rice mini pancakes w/ shrimps & green papaya, steamed clams w/ ginger & lemongrass broth, Saigon Pork spring rolls & taro fried. It promises to bring you a beautiful romantic dinner in the luxurious Art Deco space.

Average rate per dish: 9$.

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  1. Xu restaurant lounge

Diner set up at Xu restaurant lounge

Xu is a Vietnamese word in the Xu hướng (Tendency). Xu restaurant is well known and highly appreciated in Ho Chi Minh City as it renovates traditional Vietnamese most favorite dishes in the latest trends, techniques, and methods. Their philosophy is to find the simplicity of sophisticated dishes to highlight special ingredients. Besides the restaurant, there is also a lounge on the first floor, where customers can enjoy cocktails and premium beverages such as: Coconut martinis, Cranelo Sparkles and Passion Fruit Caprioska.

Average rate per dish: 12$.

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  1. Ngon Vila

Dinner in old villa at Ngon Villa restaurant

This brand presents in many famous tourist cities in Vietnam, including Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An. Their slogan of business is all-you-can-eat, Ngon Villa Restaurant would love to bring the best suitable taste of Vietnamese to the big number of tourists as much as possible. Situated on busy small Tong Duy Tan street, The Ngon Villa restaurant architecture is designed in the style of ancient French villas. The arches, pillars, double doors are meticulously crafted and sophisticated. The roof is covered with red tile, over time tinged with moss makes the villa more ancient.

Average rate per dish: 14$.

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  1. Bụi Saigon

Closely basic dinner at Bui restaurant

Reaching more average customer segments, Bui restaurant is nestled on the small road Ngo Van Nam, hide away from the bustle of Saigon car horns. Bui is a small house, stylized Vietnamese country house with airy space and greenery trees. Coming to Bui restaurant is coming to a simple, sincere Vietnam.

Average rate per dish: 5$.

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